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 Welcome to Strib

Heading east at the motorway E 20 you reach the impressing suspension bridge across the Little Belt.

To the north you’ll find the old ferry-town Strib – and its landmark the white lighthouse.

During its 350 years’ existence the town has experienced a great many things from the great period of the ferries and recession when the ferry- and train-traffic that influenced the town through many years was stopped when the first Little Belt Bridge was opened in 1935.

The town almost stopped developing for several years afterwards. The past decades it has, however, developed increasingly, and offers today the right environment for many families who have decided to settle down in this gem on the peninsula surrounded by water, woods, and outstanding nature.

In spite of its size the town has an excellent marina, a modern sport centre, an indoor swimming pool, a folk high school, a sport high school, and good shopping possibilities.

Through the past 350 years nature has been well-preserved, and so you may still enjoy the peace and calm as well as nature on nearby Røjle Klint (Røjle Cliff) and in Kasmose Skov (Kasmose Wood) or for that matter along the coast surrounding the town

Strib offers a lot of possibilities due to the large extent of coast and water along the town: you can for example go for a swim, go surfing not to forget go inshore fishing.

There are a few summer houses for rent in Strib, and the nearby town of Middelfart offers many types of accommodation.

All together there is no excuse not to stay for some days – we wish you a nice stay in Strib

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